Winter is being very friendly this year.   Or so it seems, not laying inches and inches of snow on us.  It is the inches and inches of snow that protects the hibernating life, the seeds and plants that rise again in the Spring.  It feels odd, a little wrong and disturbing.  Solar Flares, Global Warming, The Earth having her time as she see fit.  What do we know, really?  A little of all of this and that… Nature Wins.


EArth finds her balance

She adjusts herself 

Shaking, blowing, trembling,

Storming, flowing, giving, taking,

Finding herself Be all of

What she can be in the Galactic

Scheme of things.


Finding your balance

adjusting yourself

shaking, trembling, laughing,

storming, flowing, taking

giving yourself to the discovery

that you are, As Above so below


Consider how you will

shine in the NIght sky

How you will give to your days

And how you will evolve

on an evolving planet that

really doesn’t need you 

to thrive and survive.


EArth wins, we’re lucky

to BE on the this Galactic ride




29 jan  2012   >  17/8   >  The STar/Balance/Adjustment


For your consideration if this is your birthday year or a day that feels like it needs more thoughtfulness: The Star is he/she who, in her vulnerability stands touching the Earth and reaching for the Heavens.  She is a conduit to bring Heaven to Earth and Earth to the Heavens, finding Balance and a way to adjust herself  appropriately.

How do you stand between Heaven and Earth?

What needs adjusting and Balancing?

Can you find safety in your vulnerability?


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