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~~~~~~~~~~          *          ~~~~~~~~~~

Within the ocean roar and the great shedding

Imagining the flow feeding the land

Ebbing on the edges of the what next

Sniffling away the woe of sifting sand


Sitting quiet to the deeper listen

Chapel bells play a heart felt chime

Filling up on the breeze that carries

A song to ease the busy mind


Deep within the tinkle gathers

Calls the sorrow out to the sea

Rising up the whole world’s laughter

Begins to fill every part of me


Feel the chortle and the giggle

Feel the woe give way to joy

Forgive the unforgivable  

Let your laughter be deployed


And so it goes in the whole wide world

Woe and laughter shift and swirl

Ever present both be given 

Make your choice what one will curl


All around your life in present

One will come and the other will go

Back again  one or the other

What attitude will you let flow?




31  Jan 2012    >  10/19/1   >  Wheel of Fortune/Sun/magician


If it’s your birthday or you’re feeling contemplative as this day unfolds here are some thoughts to consider:

On this ‘1’ day/year things to consider are how you initiate life.  How you shine, how you hold the tools of your life and move with them, use them.  It’s a time to know where you stand/sit in the wheel of life.  Do you stand centered, at the edges, or are you pushing the edges?

How would you like to shine as this year/day unfolds for you?

As you look to your tool box of life, what tool(s) best fit how you wish to have your life experience?

Is this a time to push the edges of life, or stand at the center of it?  Both?

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