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THE CALL… day 5

Can you believe it’s the last day of February and an extra day to live.  A whole day more.  How nice.  Leap on in and embrace each breath with joy.  You ain’t dead yet.  Haaaa.

I continue my Pilgrims’ journey, entering the second week of it tho’ I feel I am only on the 5th day of it.  Maybe I’m just beginning.  I’m not quite sure.  I’m still wondering where I’m going.  The destination is vague so I let it unfold each day, each moment.  Just like many other days.  Be Here Now….


Spirit is alway at call

In everything in that everywhere

Under the sheets, in the shower

On the road trip, in the desert

Swimming the deep blue

Flying the friendly skies

In the words that tap across 

the reams of yesterday and today

To say something about something

Say it again in a different voice

So Spirit gets heard in the call


What takes you there, to this call

That invites the questions 

That beg an answer, to more questions

That deepen you, fill your wonder

and love and reason to be, to give

to laugh, to feel full, and passionate

Maybe Spirit goes by another name

Does it matter in the matter of things?

What ever call you answer

You will find something

and more questions, more questions


What bravery, and courage can you give

to this Pilgrimage of answering the call

That has been calling you your whole life?


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Most of it is cryptic

Those reports.  those reports

That tell you what it all means

What does it all mean anyway?


It reads good like some good reads do

Then along the way it doesn’t

Cause some places in those lungs

Breathe all wrong, all wrong


Somebody knows what it all means

I want to know what it all means

Those reports.  those reports

That speak to where it eats away at you


It would be good if a hug could squeeze it out

Squeeze it right out of your body

If hugs could do that we’d all be hugging crazy

Loving up on each other all over the place


Hugs aren’t cryptic

They report care and love

I know what they mean

If I can’t squeeze it out of you

I’ll squeeze love and goodness

into you .. all over you…




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The voyage is overwhelm by the high seas

Relation-ship bobs on water crest

Land holds a distant horizon west

Sea sickness throbs the head at best


Hold steady as she goes with turbulent flow

Once on the ship there is no safety in a dive

No desire to tread the waters murk

Nor meet the creatures hungry lurk


Ride the ‘ship’ between the rocks

In danger comes the heavenly prayer

Even in the Sirens call to tease to death

Unsteady as she goes to meet her life’s quest


Torn and worn with no regret

The overwhelm at last finds rest

On a beach with life’s debris

Scattered from the claiming sea


Let waves lick the wounds undone

The Sun claims away all the gloom

Resting here for a awhile longer

Till the body rests and becomes stronger


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IN THE DESERT… day two

Pilgrimage…. day two…  The laze of Florida on a grey day.  My brother’s 70th birthday


Silence is noisy

Presses in on my quiet

The gather of this day 

from my night sleep 

is slow to open 

with eyes closed

and heart tentative

in the receiving


If it is desert that lays before me 

calling me in further to the deep

There is no arid, no whip of sand

in my eyes, or the sear of Sun


This moment hears 

The tick of time pass

Little left of it 

for my sibling

being devoured

from the inside out

wanting more time

A little more time


My desert has scattered oasis

of palm and beach, shell and glass

I thirst for wisdom and heart song

I drink of the mirror and fall into the whirl


I might find the quiet

in the noisy silence

as the day unfolds 

and the heart is restless

Maybe a dive in the sea

in the womb of salt tears

with the sea glass and shells

and the wet desert sand





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Florida to Tennessee and back

Florida Pilgrimage 


good morning… I have taken on an online ‘retreat’ , Soul of The Pilgrim, for 40 days.  It invites the ‘pilgrim’ to consider a more contemplative, creative journey for these 40days and nights.  Going within my own soul to deepen my relationship with Spirit, Source, God, Oneness… 

I begin by coming to Florida to visit my ill brother..  and so my Pilgrimage begins here.


Pictures of a dream made real

on land of rolling mountains

of dense forest and summer green

The gift of dogwood bloom

of azalea and rhododendron

In splashes of wild pink abundance.

Fresh fills the nose feeds the lung love

Tuck into the middle of nowhere

Were the everywhere is picture perfect

from the log cabin’s point of view


Their point of view is this is heaven

These mountains in rural Tennessee

This cabin, this vista of life in retirement

Where breath is pure and nature gives her all

Nestled away from the rigor of busy

and the have-to get-somewhere-fast 

is as remote as their cabin in these woods

tucked away from what was once every day.

Only now, only now…


Cancer feeds and snuffs the dream

Making hungry feed of his landscape

Taking down his forest and verdancy

Killing the buds of his flowers before bloom

Remote is his cabin of disintegrating wood

As extinction inhales his fresh breath 

devours him alive with careless intent

Suffers his desire to death’s anxious door

Gives the dream made manifest

one summer 

to hold in pictures

of what use to be 




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Forest Gump knew 

Innocence has a way of being

Unencumbered by the complex

when life is a box of chocolates

filled with many different 

sweet treats for the taking.


Life can be all that sweet goo 

Bitting into diverse flavors

Maybe startled to the taste

Maybe the texture

Maybe it’s just right

Life can be all chocolate squares

with carmel filling for me

Only… it’s not


Forest Gump knew

No secret to him that we all

had a soft center full of the goo

worthy of being tasted 

Worthy of being bit into

If you like carmel filled ones

You  might like to bite into me


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNN AND HARRY…  Please check out the Tarot blog for your yearly somethin somethin.


Sippy the coffee… Happy Day to everyone else.  You too can visit my Tarot/numerology blog.  I don’t know about ya’ll … this has already been an intense year…The weather outside might be mild and the weather around has a storm warming.  All so very interesting.  Looking for the gift in the upsets and misunderstanding and the… eegads what was that shit?  Right?  Thank the Spirit of Everything Everywhere for shining a light on it.  And thank my beloveds for Loving me and nurturing me.  


The gift is in reach it’s invisible

The eyes that see can’t see it

It’s right there for the touching

Right here for the having

It’s a forgive thing can you believe?


Gifts come from our storms

They come on a chariot of love

They come distorted and painful

Gifts find you when you need them

Hidden in someone’s slander and distain

In the making of love and babies breath


The gift is in the opportunity to forgive

To see your humbled self in the lonely of other

Feel the thunderous rush of words clapping

Your ears shut down to the roar and rage

Wanting a whisper to caress the impale

Clutching your heart in gasps


Can you forgive all that?


The gift is in reach it’s invisible

The eyes that see can’t see it

It’s right there for the touching

Right here for the having

It’s a forgive thing can you believe?



Please visit my Tarot/numerology blog…  peace…namaste’



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