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There’s no keeping up 

Thinking you can in the ‘so much’

Amidst the distractions and 

The busy whip of the daily to the bone

Exhaustion past the creeping in slow

Laying you out drained for ‘real’ life


The ‘too much’ is a killer dis-ease

The new way of the no way out

A dark cloud of have too’s

Cause if you don’t you’re fucked

The line is long to take your job

And who’s gonna pay your bills?


Serenade the 24/7  a big hello

There is no goodbye to the all day


Cause someone else is starving

24/7 of nothing makes for a craving

When that kind of bone is showing


It’s never been fair and equal

The dark and light of this and that

Makes that so even in the good intention

Duality can’t exist in any otherwise

It’s the nature of the physical world

Sooner or later your life drains out


There’s no keeping up

The ‘so much’ wants you

In the everyday of living

maybe the best you got in the unequal

is to lay a layer of laughter around

your bones before they’re striped dry


The first of February seems to have found its way here realllllly fast.  Don’t ya think?  NO slowing it all down, just going with the flow.  And… of course sippy the coffee as the Sun rises.  Should there be a day that my coffee consumption must dribble to an end, I will be most sad.  eeek.. NO projection, shake it off.  Be Here Now.



1 feb 2012     > 8/17  >    Balance/adjustment/The Star


If it’s your birthday on this 1st day of Feb.  Happy Birthday and here are some things to ponder as this ‘new year’ unfolds.   Adjusting and Balancing the flow of life.  REaching for the Heavens, while feeling the vulnerability of being human with the limitation that come with that… and.. still allowing for the reach and the feel of the vulnerability.  Letting the experience of making the connection between what is here and what is out there.  Seeking that balance.  Well being is a part of the experience of The Star: self care, positive attitude, feeling out what is right for your body, your mind, your spirit.

How might you define, body, mind, and spirit in the context of your life?

How will you keep balance with what goes on within you and that which goes on around you?

What will you reach for?



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