~~~~~~~~~~~  11  ~~~~~~~~~~~


It’s on the corner of out there in the country

Old buildings burned down to brick

Rust is hungry for the left overs

Bent and draped over the what use to be

The rotted out house dead to neglect

Still hides it bones from passer-bys’

Hoping the unattended creep of field

Will shield it’s slow melt to naked

Cause there ain’t no fence to keep

Out the curious just the invasion

of ticks, chiggers and nettle

for your annoyance in the trespass.


It’s the old white Thunderbird

A Siren on that corner out there

Resting within the creep of Natures hunger

She tries to take back her own

Only it’s slow going with that Bird

Of metal n’ rust and oil and parts

All settled in going no where, shedding

Saying “come to me now and touch me

Touch my spoil cause once I was Hot

These roads were mine and I flew them

fast and riotous, a white sparkle of

feather and chrome; I was one of a kind”


Katie and me, we had to pull over

We had to pull over and touch it

Take pictures of it vulnerability

We had to witness the ruin and flake

Ache for what it use to be in its fly days

Long gone and held to the over grown

Corner on this old country road

Going no where in the lonely want

Of what use to be when full flight

Was this Thunderbirds way of the roads

And it sparkled with feather and chrome





3 jan 2012  >  11/2/20   >  Lust/Courage/Priestess/Judgement


This birthday year/day, invites the mix of all the above.  The courage to lust for life, trust your instincts and intuition.  The opportunity to ‘priestess’, find counsel within your own wisdom or the help of other.  Judgement is the call to accountability, to notice and pay attention to how you do what you say and say what you do.  In the number ‘2’ is the idea that one on one, exchange with other, or the finding yourself in other, is an opportunity to go beyond the limited self to find more meaning in life.

What do you ‘lust’ for that calls you to find more courage in your life?

What do your instincts tell you?  What does your intuition have to say?

It’s not all about you.  How does the exchange with other expand your self knowledge?


happy birthday  Jean…

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