Centered in your breathing

imagine breath filling 

all the places and spaces within


Centered in your body

imagine bone, muscle, and flesh

ready, Strong and steady


Centered in  heart

imagine love flowing

from within going out


Centered in inspiration

imagine taking action

in the passion of creativity


Centered in Spirit

imagine The Infinite

the Wisdom of Source 

your Divine Destiny



6 feb 2012    >  4/13/0   >  Emperor/Death/Fool

 Today’s invitation or your birthday’s yearly out look might  be consider in this way… Endings and new beginnings; the consideration of how you will build your ‘castle’, its form and structure, its rules and security.  It will also be a year/day to remember to find the joy and pleasure in foolishness and to let ‘acting the fool’ bring you to a deeper understanding of letting go and letting life fill you in the moment, unburdened by ‘stuff’ and thoughts’ to know pure joy.

How might you give yourself to letting go of what doesn’t serve your life and create what does?

Is it time to rearrange the physical aspects of your life and what does that mean to you?

What is one playful experience that you’d really like to have?



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2 responses to “CENTERED IN SPIRIT

  1. Linda C

    It think reading this every morning would be just the right start….


  2. Such beautifully expressed truth! Thank you!


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