~~~~~~~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~~          

She swallowed her words up

Her tongue ached for the not saying

She could feel the fire of them 

Slide back down her throat

Some burns feel good for the feel of it

Some burns blister down the gullet

To the belly where the sizzle of acid

Eats up every words she wanted to say


They were gone now to her belly bloat

She thought to take something 

For the discomfort of everything unsaid

Some tonic that might keep her shut up

Quiet to the Elephant’s stomp in the room

Hide from what needed saying

Thinking that the gulping down 

Like straight shots of whiskey

One after the other would make a difference

This time,  this time like the other times


The burn of those swallowed up words

and her swollen tongue behind her teeth 

And those shots of whiskey numbing

Her bloated up world of lonely empty

The oxymoron of living small in the large

You wonder how she got to this

How could she let it happen

How could she ache all over like that

Bloated despair and whiskey soaked


Not to mention the Elephant in the room

that trampled every bit of meaning

to nothing and then did it again.



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2 responses to “BELLY BLOAT OF WORDS

  1. Linda C

    I love your first mention of the elephant… it’s reference explains all that suppression! Big belly o’ bile!!


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