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The present has no where to go

It’s already here right now

The thing is it never went anywhere


It doesn’t linger in yesterday

or a few moments ago

or even your last breath


It has no cause or reason

to explore tomorrow

or later today


or your next breath

which doesn’t yet exist

It’s be here now with it


And do any of us

have the presence

to remain exactly










present 1 |ˈprezənt|


1 [ predic. ] (of a person) in a particular place : a doctor must be present at the ringside | the speech caused embarrassment to all those present.

• (often present in) (of a thing) existing or occurring in a place or thing : organic molecules are present in comets.

2 [ attrib. ] existing or occurring now : she did not expect to find herself in her present situation.

• now being considered or discussed : the present article cannot answer every question.

• Grammar (of a tense or participle) expressing an action now going on or habitually performed or a condition now existing.

noun |priˈzɛnt| |prəˈzɛnt| [in sing. ] (usu. the present)

the period of time now occurring : they are happy and at peace,…..




aaaahh.. How’s life going for you these days?  As you probably figured out, I’m not writing the Tarot and Numerology daily here any more.  That can now be found ….

http://invitationTarot.com  I go a little more deeply into it there and invite you to visit if you feel the invitation and questions might invoke you.  I also hope that you will feel free to ask me question and share your insights.

I’m gonna sippy more of the coffee and get on with my day… Fully present.  HAAaaa



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