Pause… getting coffee for the great sippy…aaaah.  Alrighty then, I can now begin my poetry moment.  Maybe, with a little ramble first.  For those of you that visit frequently, I have moved my Daily Tarot and Numerology to another blog.   What do you think?  They are different experiences and I have felt a desire to do this for awhile.  It seemed easier to make a separation, tho’ more morning writing for me; the New Blog Geezer Queenie.  oh.. I like that.  GeezerQueen.  mmm. no.. no.. no more blogs just yet, tho I have to say I like this blog experience and do indeed have other ideas.  anyway… 


The ‘anyway’ speaks to all ways

and to no way in particular

One way will lead to somewhere

And another way might be circular


I use the word quite frequently

never gave it too much thought

Now it stirs my mind up

With all the Ways we’ve got


This way, That way, The Right way

My way, your way, some other way

Lots of ways to have and go

Oh and ‘by the way’


I happen to know another way

In case you wanna know

All the ways lead to the One

Whatever way you flow


Don’t get bogged down by what’s ‘the One’

Use your inner guide

You’re the One on the way

The way is impossible to hide


Cause you’re on the Way somewhere. 






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