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COFFEE POWER or the Great Sippy

SNOW….I woke up to the white, and It’s dadgum freezing out there.   I have to say, I’m all ready for winter to be done with itself, it is after all, almost the middle of February.  Us Michigan folk are typically ready for winter to come to an end by now. I just feel confused.   HA Haaaaa.  no way.  It is pretty.


Black coffee like dark dirt

Grounded up land ready

to receive the cold chill of water


You sippy it up to rev 

The inner engine pulse

Fill up on the high octane


Of that filtered ground

to start the day solid

Maybe thinking it’s


The kinda grounded

that holds you stable

Steady as you go


Drinking that dark dirt

of richness all ground

up in the illusion 


Of wakeful alertness

to get the day started

in the buzz of it


Really, you just want 

to be grounded in the day

The world, life in general


Start out with a little brew

and the feeling you’re

ready to face your day


Not in the grind of it

in the sippy of feeling

grounded in it.

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