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EAting my toast

Feeling all toasty

Toasting you.

That’s pretty nifty

I give it, I feel it, I eat it

This is all true

Apparently I love toasting

This ones for you


I like feeling toasty

all warm and cozy

Buttering up some toast

stuffin’ my belly

Toasting to you cause

you came here for a visit

Reading this poem

You might be sorry you missed it


It’s a matter of toast

whether you eat it or feel it

Raise your toast high

Just for the crumb of it

Please butter me up 

with your kind words

Toast me all cuddly

go ahead be absurd


Cause we’re talk some toast

Who knew toast was this fun

With all the eating, and feeling, 

and the giving of such puns

I’m feeling pretty cuddly

with my belly of toast 

I’m toasting to you

Cause I think you’re the most



WELL… wasn’t that fun… hahahaha… I’m hungry now.







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