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Sippy the coffee let the caffeine roll down

Fill up my jive and mojo my clown

Got me some poetry to go round n’ round


Talked about love two days in a row

Stirred up my heart, jump started my mojo

I wasn’t clowning around in the ho ho ho.


Feelin’ the thunder of love hit my flow

I was missin’ that and didn’t even know

It’s all fillin’ me up, I’m on a new roll


It comes when ya call it, of that I am sure

I’ll put my red on, make passion a cure

Let the glow from the inside show the allure


There’s no trying too hard, no love stew to brew

Simple it up, just be your own hue

Your heart’s gotta voice, hear those soft cues


Hallmark, don’t have my Valentine card

Love has a silence, it’s wordless not hard

Even for the sentiment that comes from this bard


So I got this jive going, a geezer girl shimmy

Sure I’m jacked up on my favorite sippy

It don’t mean I’m not still Venus’s hippy


It’s clear that this ramble of love’s go around

Is beginning to spiral steadily down

Time to let this poem finish up, be unbound


To cyberspace and the geezergirl blog

For your entertainment for this little log

I’m happy to close out of love’s fog.


bye bye..

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