Yep… still doing the Love fest.  Had one of Tina’s tunes on the tip of my tongue this a.m.

Tina Turner, one of my favs, sang, “What’s Love Gotta Do With It, Got To Do With It”.  I can hear her wail that song out with that husky, sexy voice showing off those legs that we all wanted, shimming and shaking that booty of hers.

I was ripe for the loving when that song sung it’s way to the top of the charts in 1984. That’s a whole other story.


Tina girl you made it all right

Dumped that freak Ike he was a fright

Made your music on the solo track

We all loved you, we were glad you’re back


Little wonder you got to a tune

After the abuse of that cruel crazy loon

That made you question what love was about

Why wouldn’t Love like that give you doubt


The physical chemistry shutters right through

shivers the Heart moistens your brew

Trapped in the hunger, feeling the lust

The problem with that hunger is can be a bust


Love might not have anything to do

With that hunger that washes all over you

It is a needy desire that has a life of its own

It can suddenly end and your faced with alone


Then is the question of physical love and that hit

The wonder in What ‘s love got to do with all of it?

It might, it’s possible that Love can maintain

The sensual pleasure of that beginning game


Love has everything to do with it of this I am sure

It’s everywhere waiting to awaken you with more

Of loves heady pleasures, of it’s deepening of heart

Love has everything to do with the ways of the heart






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