Are we there yet?

A restless car ride little girl

Counting cows, making words

Have to pee, I’m so thirsty.

Are we there yet?

Teenage desire unrequited yearning

Ripe and ready for the taking

In the backseat dry humping

Are we there yet?

Tumbled by love, heart wide open

restless fervor of wanting more

another takes your place

Are we there yet?

Shifting jobs and baby faces

House hunting, making home

Less is more, more is less

Are we there yet?

Christian, Budda, Rumi, Goddess

Faith seeks, Spirit wanders

So many Self-help books to ponder

Are we there yet?

Topsy turvy, restless changes

What was isn’t is what it is

let it go nothing personal

Are we there yet?

Shift the attitude, full blown love

See it as true before dark eats you

Think highly creatively

Are we there yet?

Be here now, be here when 

Get over here, I’m right here

Here it is, Did you hear?

I’m not there yet

 I will be.



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2 responses to “ARE WE THERE YET?

  1. Jo

    I spent all my life trying to get there because of a misunderstanding of the saying ” no matter where you go, there you are. I’d always put the emphasis on “there” when actually it should have been on the “you”. Each new there did nothing much to change my circumstances because I was dragging my old “you” along intact. I wish I couldsay things have changed for the better since this
    profound revelation.


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