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I’m sure some of you must be missing my morning ramble and weather report.  Right?  Maintaining the purity of making this blog only for a poem to be laid out here with no jibber jabber is impossible some days.  LIke TOday… Maybe I can jabber poetically.  LIke I’ve never done that before.  hahaha. 


I got an itchin’ ramble going on

And I just have to say cause I must

I can hardly believe it’s the 19th of Feb

and Winter gives us hardly any white dust


Sure it’s some Global warming

God knows we mess with the Zones

Sure it’s the freakish of nature

The Earth evolves on Her own


Not that I don’t care I really do

I recycle, mulch up, eat most organics

The thing is as this geezer sees it

There is no reason to live in the panic


I do what I do to make life right

Be mindful, kind, laugh a lot

Get over my own silly shit

Be true to myself and not to what I’m not


Then some day comes a long, kicks my ass

I am vulgar, superlative, a dim wit

Rampin’ up my foolish lament 

Forgive, let it go, stop the fit


Back to the goodness and kind

Laugh at my foolish outburst

Imagine the world a good place

As much as I enjoy a good curse


So,, here it is the 19th February

I’m off to Red Wings game

Watching that little puck fly

And those guys slam each other lame


The weather is going to be lovely

More sun than we’ve had in years

Another sippy of my coffee

Have a good day, have fun. Cheers





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