There’s a steady creep of sadness

It folds into the free space

Between quiet and inhale

It isn’t baby soft to the breath

Rather a sear gasp to the heart

On  the steady creep in


Good attitude rallies an up swing

Remembers that now is all there is

Exhaling the gasp for the smell of

Mossy green and sweet pear

Blanketing the slip of despair’s clutch

Settling into the OK enough


There is an ease to the OK enough

Standing here at the portal of Life

A witness to endings and beginnings

The aroma of Sun rising and setting

A feel that lets the sad creep as it will

In and then out with Love’s breath


There is always more free space

Even in the prison of imagination

That let’s the steel bars of despair

Wall in the gasp of the heart broken 

A change of story to the love’s memories

Finds a prick of expanding light


Breathe Love until you can’t

The last inhale will open

The Infinite has never left

Spirit abides in the everywhere

Breathing has nothing to do with it

Joy and Sadness are the same

Continuum leading you Home


You choose. 







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4 responses to “WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE?

  1. Was this for me? Sure feels like it. 😉


  2. Linda C

    Your words are powerful, comforting and inspiring. The imagery resonates deeply. Wonder-full.


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