Dream…Rocky, rough terrain that is grey white everywhere.  Momentarily I am passing through some village in these white mountains wanting ice cream.  A man in an old blue truck is toting a white couch.  He passes me not noticing me.  I am off to climb some of these rough hard stone cliffs.  I can’t think of why I want to just that I am.

Now, I am climbing.  Jutting stone and little reprieve for moments of rest.  I look down and realize the fall is to some dark hole, or a tumble on to jagged deadly rock.  I choose to not look down again.  I take a way up to a shear cliff which I know I can’t climb.  I believe, tho’ I can’t tell from where I hang on the rock at this point, that there is a safe climb that presses close to the flat edge of the cliff for me to get to and then make my way back down.   I am wrong and am now on a very small round surface of rock for stability while I survey my situation.  I feel a little scared.  I’m tired and I made a wrong decision. I have to go back the same way I came.  I don’t want to look down, or turn to go down as that would be really dangerous.  I will have to back my way down slowly and securely.  

I look over my left shoulder for a second time to make sure of this decision and see in the jagged rock a little distance away from me the man with the white couch.  Somehow he brought this huge couch up the cliffs and rock and now it sits on a ledge just big enough for him and it.  If it wasn’t a mountain, I thought the couch fit there perfectly, which seem odd to me.  He was brushing it and patting it.  He gets behind it and pushes and pushes it hard it tumbles over the cliff.  He loses his footing and tumbles right behind it trying to reach for it.  I feel shock and horror as I can’t do a thing for him.  The couch hits the rocks and before he hits the rocks it seems he explodes in flames and disintegrates.   I grab my cell phone and dial 911.  I realize I have no air waves here to connect and how would I tell anyone of where we are anyway.  I begin my decent. 

~~~ I was jolted to a certain wakefulness when the guy burst into flames.  So grabbing my cell; I was in a twilight sort of sleep and I didn’t have to carry the dream to backing down the rocks and off of the mountain.

Here is how I poetically interpret this dream, or at least will try to.


Blue sky passes me by

Carrying clean white clouds of comfort

to where I don’t know how to get to

Rather choose white hard jagged stone

Purity’s terrain gone harsh

finding no comfort or a place to settle

Below is holes of blackness to nothing

or jagged rocks ready to impale me

Up there, is the clean white wall

No going up it or around it

Desire to feel the press of white clarity

Finds that path near the shear surface

Only, there is no comfort against

that hard wall of resilience

No path of least resistance

Back down to where I came from

Returning to where I’ve been 

Going without looking, or seeing

only feeling my … Feeling my way

back down there where life happens.

Clean white comfort has no home on

these cold white stones, 

He who rides the blue sky declares it so

gives himself to to the fall to know 

his own fire.

Rids me of hope of comfort on this 

journey to find a new pathway

Explodes in flames for me to see

It never mattered anyway

No easy way back or down or..

No call for help to be heard

A steady return, trusting

I know the way with my eyes closed

I know the way.  I will feel the way

Back to my safety.






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One response to “DREAMING MY WAY BACK

  1. Linda C

    Ahhh, everything just as it should be, flaming couches, exploding architypes and all! Yes.


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