Florida to Tennessee and back

Florida Pilgrimage 


good morning… I have taken on an online ‘retreat’ , Soul of The Pilgrim, for 40 days.  It invites the ‘pilgrim’ to consider a more contemplative, creative journey for these 40days and nights.  Going within my own soul to deepen my relationship with Spirit, Source, God, Oneness… 

I begin by coming to Florida to visit my ill brother..  and so my Pilgrimage begins here.


Pictures of a dream made real

on land of rolling mountains

of dense forest and summer green

The gift of dogwood bloom

of azalea and rhododendron

In splashes of wild pink abundance.

Fresh fills the nose feeds the lung love

Tuck into the middle of nowhere

Were the everywhere is picture perfect

from the log cabin’s point of view


Their point of view is this is heaven

These mountains in rural Tennessee

This cabin, this vista of life in retirement

Where breath is pure and nature gives her all

Nestled away from the rigor of busy

and the have-to get-somewhere-fast 

is as remote as their cabin in these woods

tucked away from what was once every day.

Only now, only now…


Cancer feeds and snuffs the dream

Making hungry feed of his landscape

Taking down his forest and verdancy

Killing the buds of his flowers before bloom

Remote is his cabin of disintegrating wood

As extinction inhales his fresh breath 

devours him alive with careless intent

Suffers his desire to death’s anxious door

Gives the dream made manifest

one summer 

to hold in pictures

of what use to be 




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2 responses to “Florida to Tennessee and back

  1. Linda C

    The contrast here is so exquisite. And difficult to witness. Blessings on the journey.


  2. Wonderful! Come on down to the mountains kin western North Carolina and visit me! We’re not far from the east TN mountains!


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