IN THE DESERT… day two

Pilgrimage…. day two…  The laze of Florida on a grey day.  My brother’s 70th birthday


Silence is noisy

Presses in on my quiet

The gather of this day 

from my night sleep 

is slow to open 

with eyes closed

and heart tentative

in the receiving


If it is desert that lays before me 

calling me in further to the deep

There is no arid, no whip of sand

in my eyes, or the sear of Sun


This moment hears 

The tick of time pass

Little left of it 

for my sibling

being devoured

from the inside out

wanting more time

A little more time


My desert has scattered oasis

of palm and beach, shell and glass

I thirst for wisdom and heart song

I drink of the mirror and fall into the whirl


I might find the quiet

in the noisy silence

as the day unfolds 

and the heart is restless

Maybe a dive in the sea

in the womb of salt tears

with the sea glass and shells

and the wet desert sand





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One response to “IN THE DESERT… day two

  1. Linda C

    So moving and powerful. Thinking of you.


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