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THE CALL… day 5

Can you believe it’s the last day of February and an extra day to live.  A whole day more.  How nice.  Leap on in and embrace each breath with joy.  You ain’t dead yet.  Haaaa.

I continue my Pilgrims’ journey, entering the second week of it tho’ I feel I am only on the 5th day of it.  Maybe I’m just beginning.  I’m not quite sure.  I’m still wondering where I’m going.  The destination is vague so I let it unfold each day, each moment.  Just like many other days.  Be Here Now….


Spirit is alway at call

In everything in that everywhere

Under the sheets, in the shower

On the road trip, in the desert

Swimming the deep blue

Flying the friendly skies

In the words that tap across 

the reams of yesterday and today

To say something about something

Say it again in a different voice

So Spirit gets heard in the call


What takes you there, to this call

That invites the questions 

That beg an answer, to more questions

That deepen you, fill your wonder

and love and reason to be, to give

to laugh, to feel full, and passionate

Maybe Spirit goes by another name

Does it matter in the matter of things?

What ever call you answer

You will find something

and more questions, more questions


What bravery, and courage can you give

to this Pilgrimage of answering the call

That has been calling you your whole life?


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