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Dream…Rocky, rough terrain that is grey white everywhere.  Momentarily I am passing through some village in these white mountains wanting ice cream.  A man in an old blue truck is toting a white couch.  He passes me not noticing me.  I am off to climb some of these rough hard stone cliffs.  I can’t think of why I want to just that I am.

Now, I am climbing.  Jutting stone and little reprieve for moments of rest.  I look down and realize the fall is to some dark hole, or a tumble on to jagged deadly rock.  I choose to not look down again.  I take a way up to a shear cliff which I know I can’t climb.  I believe, tho’ I can’t tell from where I hang on the rock at this point, that there is a safe climb that presses close to the flat edge of the cliff for me to get to and then make my way back down.   I am wrong and am now on a very small round surface of rock for stability while I survey my situation.  I feel a little scared.  I’m tired and I made a wrong decision. I have to go back the same way I came.  I don’t want to look down, or turn to go down as that would be really dangerous.  I will have to back my way down slowly and securely.  

I look over my left shoulder for a second time to make sure of this decision and see in the jagged rock a little distance away from me the man with the white couch.  Somehow he brought this huge couch up the cliffs and rock and now it sits on a ledge just big enough for him and it.  If it wasn’t a mountain, I thought the couch fit there perfectly, which seem odd to me.  He was brushing it and patting it.  He gets behind it and pushes and pushes it hard it tumbles over the cliff.  He loses his footing and tumbles right behind it trying to reach for it.  I feel shock and horror as I can’t do a thing for him.  The couch hits the rocks and before he hits the rocks it seems he explodes in flames and disintegrates.   I grab my cell phone and dial 911.  I realize I have no air waves here to connect and how would I tell anyone of where we are anyway.  I begin my decent. 

~~~ I was jolted to a certain wakefulness when the guy burst into flames.  So grabbing my cell; I was in a twilight sort of sleep and I didn’t have to carry the dream to backing down the rocks and off of the mountain.

Here is how I poetically interpret this dream, or at least will try to.


Blue sky passes me by

Carrying clean white clouds of comfort

to where I don’t know how to get to

Rather choose white hard jagged stone

Purity’s terrain gone harsh

finding no comfort or a place to settle

Below is holes of blackness to nothing

or jagged rocks ready to impale me

Up there, is the clean white wall

No going up it or around it

Desire to feel the press of white clarity

Finds that path near the shear surface

Only, there is no comfort against

that hard wall of resilience

No path of least resistance

Back down to where I came from

Returning to where I’ve been 

Going without looking, or seeing

only feeling my … Feeling my way

back down there where life happens.

Clean white comfort has no home on

these cold white stones, 

He who rides the blue sky declares it so

gives himself to to the fall to know 

his own fire.

Rids me of hope of comfort on this 

journey to find a new pathway

Explodes in flames for me to see

It never mattered anyway

No easy way back or down or..

No call for help to be heard

A steady return, trusting

I know the way with my eyes closed

I know the way.  I will feel the way

Back to my safety.






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There’s a steady creep of sadness

It folds into the free space

Between quiet and inhale

It isn’t baby soft to the breath

Rather a sear gasp to the heart

On  the steady creep in


Good attitude rallies an up swing

Remembers that now is all there is

Exhaling the gasp for the smell of

Mossy green and sweet pear

Blanketing the slip of despair’s clutch

Settling into the OK enough


There is an ease to the OK enough

Standing here at the portal of Life

A witness to endings and beginnings

The aroma of Sun rising and setting

A feel that lets the sad creep as it will

In and then out with Love’s breath


There is always more free space

Even in the prison of imagination

That let’s the steel bars of despair

Wall in the gasp of the heart broken 

A change of story to the love’s memories

Finds a prick of expanding light


Breathe Love until you can’t

The last inhale will open

The Infinite has never left

Spirit abides in the everywhere

Breathing has nothing to do with it

Joy and Sadness are the same

Continuum leading you Home


You choose. 







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I’m sure some of you must be missing my morning ramble and weather report.  Right?  Maintaining the purity of making this blog only for a poem to be laid out here with no jibber jabber is impossible some days.  LIke TOday… Maybe I can jabber poetically.  LIke I’ve never done that before.  hahaha. 


I got an itchin’ ramble going on

And I just have to say cause I must

I can hardly believe it’s the 19th of Feb

and Winter gives us hardly any white dust


Sure it’s some Global warming

God knows we mess with the Zones

Sure it’s the freakish of nature

The Earth evolves on Her own


Not that I don’t care I really do

I recycle, mulch up, eat most organics

The thing is as this geezer sees it

There is no reason to live in the panic


I do what I do to make life right

Be mindful, kind, laugh a lot

Get over my own silly shit

Be true to myself and not to what I’m not


Then some day comes a long, kicks my ass

I am vulgar, superlative, a dim wit

Rampin’ up my foolish lament 

Forgive, let it go, stop the fit


Back to the goodness and kind

Laugh at my foolish outburst

Imagine the world a good place

As much as I enjoy a good curse


So,, here it is the 19th February

I’m off to Red Wings game

Watching that little puck fly

And those guys slam each other lame


The weather is going to be lovely

More sun than we’ve had in years

Another sippy of my coffee

Have a good day, have fun. Cheers





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Are we there yet?

A restless car ride little girl

Counting cows, making words

Have to pee, I’m so thirsty.

Are we there yet?

Teenage desire unrequited yearning

Ripe and ready for the taking

In the backseat dry humping

Are we there yet?

Tumbled by love, heart wide open

restless fervor of wanting more

another takes your place

Are we there yet?

Shifting jobs and baby faces

House hunting, making home

Less is more, more is less

Are we there yet?

Christian, Budda, Rumi, Goddess

Faith seeks, Spirit wanders

So many Self-help books to ponder

Are we there yet?

Topsy turvy, restless changes

What was isn’t is what it is

let it go nothing personal

Are we there yet?

Shift the attitude, full blown love

See it as true before dark eats you

Think highly creatively

Are we there yet?

Be here now, be here when 

Get over here, I’m right here

Here it is, Did you hear?

I’m not there yet

 I will be.



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Yep… still doing the Love fest.  Had one of Tina’s tunes on the tip of my tongue this a.m.

Tina Turner, one of my favs, sang, “What’s Love Gotta Do With It, Got To Do With It”.  I can hear her wail that song out with that husky, sexy voice showing off those legs that we all wanted, shimming and shaking that booty of hers.

I was ripe for the loving when that song sung it’s way to the top of the charts in 1984. That’s a whole other story.


Tina girl you made it all right

Dumped that freak Ike he was a fright

Made your music on the solo track

We all loved you, we were glad you’re back


Little wonder you got to a tune

After the abuse of that cruel crazy loon

That made you question what love was about

Why wouldn’t Love like that give you doubt


The physical chemistry shutters right through

shivers the Heart moistens your brew

Trapped in the hunger, feeling the lust

The problem with that hunger is can be a bust


Love might not have anything to do

With that hunger that washes all over you

It is a needy desire that has a life of its own

It can suddenly end and your faced with alone


Then is the question of physical love and that hit

The wonder in What ‘s love got to do with all of it?

It might, it’s possible that Love can maintain

The sensual pleasure of that beginning game


Love has everything to do with it of this I am sure

It’s everywhere waiting to awaken you with more

Of loves heady pleasures, of it’s deepening of heart

Love has everything to do with the ways of the heart






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Sippy the coffee let the caffeine roll down

Fill up my jive and mojo my clown

Got me some poetry to go round n’ round


Talked about love two days in a row

Stirred up my heart, jump started my mojo

I wasn’t clowning around in the ho ho ho.


Feelin’ the thunder of love hit my flow

I was missin’ that and didn’t even know

It’s all fillin’ me up, I’m on a new roll


It comes when ya call it, of that I am sure

I’ll put my red on, make passion a cure

Let the glow from the inside show the allure


There’s no trying too hard, no love stew to brew

Simple it up, just be your own hue

Your heart’s gotta voice, hear those soft cues


Hallmark, don’t have my Valentine card

Love has a silence, it’s wordless not hard

Even for the sentiment that comes from this bard


So I got this jive going, a geezer girl shimmy

Sure I’m jacked up on my favorite sippy

It don’t mean I’m not still Venus’s hippy


It’s clear that this ramble of love’s go around

Is beginning to spiral steadily down

Time to let this poem finish up, be unbound


To cyberspace and the geezergirl blog

For your entertainment for this little log

I’m happy to close out of love’s fog.


bye bye..

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Love is on my lips

It’s a permanent taste

Of sweet flesh and glow

Never to be forgotten

Mixed in to all that 

Passes in and through me


I only have to imagine it so

All that glow and luster

In the full of my mouth

A welcome flow of it

Through me, teasing.

Filling my heart


There is no reason

No reason at all 

To ever forget that

Sublime taste of

Loving and being Loved

It has settled deep within


It is a sacred essence

of All that Is even when 

The flesh of it still wants

And that desire hungers

For the silken caress

Of the Lover’s nights


Love is on my lips

To be licked and swallowed

Up like luscious fruit

Ripe for the taking

I let IT fill me up

Love in the heart never leaves


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