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Denis Quaid dreamt me last night

He intersected my pilgrim’s path

Swooned me Meg Ryan style

Thought it was the right path to take

Clearly had his hopeful hat on


It didn’t matter what he was thinking

Boys don’t think like girls do

Hopeful that ‘When Harry met Sally’

He could have what she had 

In that motel room on the Camino


It didn’t go down like that

The only going down was that Path

Carrying some Denis Quaid charm

And a brief moment of motorcycle

Roar with possibility and leather


There were some tears and tender

Confessions of loss, lonely and sad

A grassy huddle cuddle on the side

Even a whisper of love in the wanting

It was never gonna work me and Denis


I dreamt him left at the fork

I went right exactly as planned

My path widened and song birds sang

The grass was Spring flowers blooming

I smelt my mother’s breath a the creek side


Denis Quaid dreamt me last night

He was his young cute self

It was nice to share a moment 

With another traveler walking

finding their way to themself



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