Daily Archives: 02/03/2012


People lose their minds

Leaving a little trail of 

‘where’s my keys”, and

“who took my…” and

“How will I… and

“Can I bare it one more..

“I’m dying any way..

and in the ‘no more please’

In that painful beg

The sea envelopes

The sky blackens

The winds tear apart

The Fire scorches


The zig zag of grief trips through

the money maze to get to the 

job loss to find another “no, sorry”

Wasting energy on story making

that isn’t the truth cause ya don’t know

and what the hell does it all mean anyway?

A stumble from one heavy load to

gather another burden on top of it

Exhausted, drained out, sleepless

Face flat to the ground, dreamless

Cause you can’t sleep.

If the mind is heading south of the border

overwhelmed and freaking out

I say….

“Bartender, a round of damn-it 

for everyone, and a shot of TaKillYa”



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