Understand the groove moves

With or without me

Celebrate the dizzy swoon

A reminder that stability rocks

And quietude serenades the groover

Back to the drum of the heart beat

To the living song of your daily

Listening, doing, breathing


Cryptic salutations of poetic jive

laid to the mind’s skip across the

Cosmic chime of stars that fling 

In the Celestial dream dreaming

In the doesn’t matter to the Infinite

The Infinite always knows


No want to escape the life pulse

Terrors haunt what remains veiled

Begging for a moon beams direct hit

Cause ego chatter betrays the truth

And standing in the Light means

Being seen vulnerable and in need


It’s the only way in and out and in

Maybes don’t resonate in the is and isn’t

Over here and over there is the same place

sooner or later when you belly up to life

Everyone says it best in the sooner than later

I’m sayin’ it best right now and stand amazed


Cause ya know it’s all about the embrace

Of right now as it is in the move of your groove

In the dizzy swoon of how the jelly rocks 

And the loudness of quietude is a fat woman

Singing gospel like nobodies biz-ness

And you drum your heart beat to play for the song

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