NO CATCHIN’ UP… day 10

Catchin’ up lays a silly track

on my brain trip in the so much to do

In the what needs doing in the first place

Cause there ain’t no catchin’ up

List gets longer by the days’ end

At the really what of it trippin’

like a bad drug high in the why

Hone it down to essential doing

Then there is the what the fuck anyway

Cause like I said, there’s no catchin’ up

Life’s daggers have a way of impaling

Cause you on the bulletin board list of boring 

cause that’s what responsible people do

Get the boring have toos’ outta the way

the fun stuff is tappin’ its little

feetzies right over there waitin’ on you.

For the fun-of-it-all takes a back seat

You sold your Mustang convertible

decades ago cause job and family

And the fuckin’ duties of ‘the-right-thing’

To do won… What?  Really? Damn…

Since there’s no catchin’ up dudes

Pull that dagger outta how you’re pinned

to that cork board, those post-it notes

Those uncelebrated or sour rituals

long past being buried in the proverbial 

back yard.

Go buy another convertible to convert

you life back into the high five of the joy

caught in the wind in you hair, the

sun drenched goodness of blasting

rock n’ roll on the highways of your

new found liberation to doing the 

best you can when the doing needs done 

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