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40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS….day 11

Sippy the coffee… day 11 of my pilgrimage that goes nowhere to everywhere that requires on simple thing of me; Trust that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be right now no matter what.  The pilgrimage of change.  Giving into the change that happens and happens and happens ….  Did I say, It happens?


Jesus went into the desert

40 days and 40 nights

To find his deepest yearning

To wrestle lonely nights

and arid days of thirst

and hunger, and bedevilment

Conjured monsters that

suffered his souls quest

Laid waste to whom he thought

He was and might have been

Yearning for what was holy

Already his made whole as

Love Divine, a child of God

God’s begotten, born of a Virgin

Birthed to be of love, kindness

Compassion’s tool ever lasting


40 days and 40 nights

40 lifetimes and 40 deaths

40 minutes and 40 seconds

My desert is a torrential down pour

of shifts and changes and 

hungry want and enough water

to drown in the naked sand.

Everywhere is where I’ve been

And across the desert is my metaphor

I am a child of God, of  the Goddess

of the dirt, and ocean, and flame,

and breath, and you, and Spirit

Everlasting, eternal, Infinite Oneness

I can turn the desert into oceans

and beach and mountains and forests

If I believe it… I will see it.

I am 40 days unfolding

I am 40 nights lighting the way.







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