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Eyes blink a story out in slow flash

Panning the scene 360 gathering

in quantum seconds anything of the

what is, what isn’t, what might be

for the mind to feed on like a feral animal

desperate to stay alive, vigilant, clever

Answering even if the answer is 

nonsensical, false, irrelevant.

A story must be told, must unfold

The mind has a lustful hunger


It’s unbearable to not have an answer 

The eyes grab and gobble the view

Information logs in to the brains diet

of, ‘give it all to me and give it now’

No matter what is seen, what is imagined up

in the in-between of what isn’t really there

in the gulping, the inhaling, the nano seconds 

of feeding on sight and sound and sensations

Filling up any second of empty, 

Filling up the space between the spaces

Filling and pouring out a story

Making it up as you go along cause

it’s gotta make sense somehow or another

cause no question can go unanswered.

No question can go unanswered


It’s the quiet mind that feeds on silence

Surrenders the questions up to empty spaces

one by one by one making no commentary

Making no edification, making little of

sight and sound and sensations that interrupt

Interrupt the hungry minds insatiable

lustful desire to have an answer to something,

Anything, all things, nothing, feed me

Only, in that busy silence, in that quieting mind

In that letting go of a need to have answers

Is the answer.

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