We gained a day and lost an hour.  Does that mean we gained 23 hours?  That’s the math.  Eeek.  I don’t want to care about it and then… dang if I do.  I think it’s the choice thing.  There is no choice but to go with springing forward or falling back.  Now I have to re-calibrate my body memory.  YOu’d think an hour didn’t matter right?  Well… poop.  Grab the coffee and let’s get to the sippy.  That’s better.


Who gives me an hour then takes it back flat

Time makes no difference when I’m walking this Path.

Time makes no difference no matter what’s going on

It’s some kind of ticking of some kinda clock song

It’s doesn’t make time some kinda wrong


I had me an hour more just a little before

The clock hit midnight and evened Spring’s score

I find it annoying, I find it a bit absurd

The give and the take of an hour in the dejour

It’s not like the time people haven’t done this before


So I lost me an hour that’s a matter of fact

Gotta wait till the Fall to get the damn thing back

Like I said it makes no difference to the Path that I walk

I’m the kinda gal who likes to ramble and talk

Time is an illusion that likes to tic toc, and stalk


I’ll be over it soon I’m pretty sure of all that

Why worry about a thing that settles into fact

We lost us an hour not much we can do

Celebrate this days joy and give up the boo hoo

What about you?


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