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It’s already 11 am.  wow.. Lots of fun with the Smithies and Di last night.  Thus the delay.  But Hey… Be here now.


In the desert the Pilgrims walk

No sand tickles my feet

I’m already at the Oceans edge

And the tide is coming in

It’s rising and coming 

I’m standing and waiting  

Feeling the sea feel me up

Caress my vulnerability

Slap me with her waves

Push me down to take me

As I am full up with want


To meet Creations tug on my soul

Catch me in the curl of a wave

Roll me out to the depths of longing

Baptize me in my drowning

Till the want of air pulls me

to the surface treading my gasp.

Rebirthing me from this oceans womb

Where my soul speaks to purpose

And simply to be what I have always

In all-way been and will be

I have never not been anything 

but HOme nor less than Love Divine


This knowing has yet to convince all of  my fears that I am enough as I am.




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