There is no road, the path is made by walking

Good morning… 

This is my 18th day of a Pilgrimage that is not a very traditional pilgrimage.  I have never done a pilgrimage so how it goes has no tradition or plan, or Path other than I am paying attention to my days, my feelings, my thoughts with the intention of Change and Transformation.  The below quotes are shared from the Priestess (that’s what I call her) that facilitates this Pilgrimage.  This week is about ‘homescapes’ or ‘bodyscapes’.  What I am particularly inspired by is.  “Wander, there is not road, the way is made by walking.”  I have taken this line and made it my own for todays poem.


“Pilgrimage takes us into what I call ‘homescapes,’ places where we feel an inner rootedness, where we know intuitively that even if we are in a strange, wild, and far-away place, we are home.


—Sarah York


Wanderer, your footsteps are

the road, and nothing more;

wanderer, there is no road,

the way is made by walking.


—Antonio Machado



Wander, there is not road, 

the way is made by walking

there is no knowing what

lies beyond the turn

Or invites the fork to take

one way or the other

Is it moss or sand that

my feet lay each step on?

Will I grab a branch 

to swing to another and

another dropping to the earth

in a tumble and roll

aching for the familiar

Paths I’ve treaded before?


There is not a road before me

But I see trees and blue sky

I hear the songs of birds

I smell the sweet breeze

of possibilities while I raise

my mind to open a path in

the tangle and twist of bush

stumbling face down on rock

and root crawling because I must


And I am up and walking

Walking in the pulse of life

that is my pulse, God’s pulse

Goddesses pulse, a dreamers

yearning, A pilgrim finding

Alone within everything and 

everyone and not alone at all

Not a wanderer going somewhere

I am already there, I always have 

been There…

What a beautiful day to walk

my Path 






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One response to “There is no road, the path is made by walking

  1. Very nice GG! Added to my day in a wonderful way.


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