the sippy the coffee is mighty strong this morning. Possibly to the wonder of David Meyer’s coffee at Mighty Coffee called,  are your ready?   TRes Mighty.   As usual, I eyeball the amount to go in the filter and today I believe I have out done myself.  


Below is yesterdays contemplations to ponder on my pilgrimage.  This is day 19 and somewhere in my body that shivers with life and shivers from fear, I begin to understand the Buddha.


You cannot travel the path until you have become the path.

–Gautama Buddha


The real measure of practice is whether, little by little, we can find our edge, that place where we’re closed down in fear, and allow ourselves to experience it. This takes courage, but courage isn’t about becoming fearless. Courage is the willingness to experience our fears. And as we experience our fears, courage grows. Noticing our edge and trying to meet it also allows us to develop compassion, not just for ourselves, but for the whole human drama. Then, with an increasing sense of lightness and curiosity, we can keep moving toward a more open genuine life.


—Ezra Bayda, At Home in the Muddy Water


Sometimes we think the path is “out there” somewhere beyond us and if we could only find it we would go home.  Buddha suggests otherwise.  Much like Machado’s image of “the way is made by walking,” we also must remember that we are the path we want to follow.  There is no separation, it is not something external to our lives.


GG’s take on it all this a.m.


“You cannot travel the Path until you have become the Path”


There is nothing that my path isn’t.

It is the blue highways through the middle land

It is the blood of my pulsing heart beat

it is the meadow between the forest path

It is my sitting here wording my way to you


There is nothing that my path isn’t

It is the crush of forbidden love

It is the raw of being seen 

It is the Ho’oponopono healing

It is blood, guts, and bone


There is nothing that my Path isn’t

It is God.  It is Goddess, It hell and Satan

It is compassion, kindness, fear and worry

It is my entire lifetime to right now

It is the next step of my heart

The next step of my mind

The next step of my feet

The next step of my spirits quest

It is my heart

my feet

my mind

my spirit

my heaven

my hell

my life

my death

my infinity

my love

My love

It is Now









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