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The Ides of March…. Not that I care just noticing… Todays thoughts on my ‘pilgrimage’, day 20


“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”  lao tzu   


..Not intent on arriving….  I would say I’m usually intent on arriving sooner or later.  And then I imagine what kinda trip is this anyway?  Guess it depends on where you’re going; what you’re traveling for.  


It must be like giving up attachment to out-come

The traveling down the road of trying to get somewhere

In the sooner than later, or in the maybe never of it

There are destinations of sandy beaches and mountain tops

Grandma’s house for Holiday dinners, movies, work

There is intent on arriving to those places, traveling along


It’s easy to think too much about the other kinda travel

YOu know that kind, right?.  That kind of travelin’ 

That has an inner road of sinew and blood, muscles and breath  

Heart and soul in the inner glow of feeling beyond thoughts

In the presence of silence and auric connection beyond sight

Sandy beaches and mountain top rest in the mind’s eye

Manipulated anyway you can imagine it all to be


Mind travel, heart travel, soul travel, car travel, a step at a time,

A long walk to home, a slow crawl into the heart of the matter of it

The plans might not be fixed, or fully known cause

You don’t know who or what you’ll be running into to

Or passing by that needs your attention right then and there

Or the meld of other in the twist of fate if there is such thing as Fate

I’d be a liar to say I’m not intent in arriving, really… if the truth

of it is the truth of it I’m already there and simply enjoying

the scenery. 


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