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Nature raged on us yesterday.

She whirled her grey madness

in a funnel of massive destruction

Tearing her savage over the land

Snarling her demon in swathes

Of thunder and roar


There is a care-lessness to these storms

Rising from hot and cold

A seething vortex of hellishness

An unaccountable anger that makes 

no sense in the sense of things


Gathers up her fury and rumbles

indiscriminate to her path of destruction

Taking earth and stone and house and road

And life to death with no regret

Mindless accumulating rage


There is hardly need to find the metaphor

It rumbles and roars over the whole Earth

Within us and around us gathering

Evolving, stalking and giving

Raging statements of destruction


Global warming on a winter day

In Michigan on the Ides of March

A planet evolving on a winter day

In Michigan on the Ides of March

Nature stating the obvious on a winter day

In Michigan on The Ides of March


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