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She was her own cyclone owning the twisted

Spiral of her dance across land that was yet hers

She took it without malice, without right or wrong

She took it cause she was it’s path going that way


It’s hard to know the nature of moments

In their rising out of the cold and hot joining

In the vaporous grey vortex of destruction

In the call to be right there and then taking


Exquisite is the vulnerable matter of form

Ever built to house the matter of us

Evidence of our earthly desire to exist

Each one of us a storm of light waiting to happen


Will you know the spiral of your dance

Waiting on the edge of your land yet taken

Wandering with clues held in your heart

Whirling within the right and wrong


You are the nature of moments

Rising out of the cold and hot

Joined in the vaporous vortex of living

Called to be here right now



back to the sippy of the coffee… Day 23… there are a lot of little vortexes of energy whirling around me.  Some take a piece of me and twist ever so slightly.  Some I just throw myself into and tumble about…Breathe… 

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