Daily Archives: 20/03/2012


Early morning’s quiet holds the chant of birds

The meow of a hungry kitten, the breath of

a sweet dog waking, a soft chilled breeze

of Spring greening from the open window


Spring hurries in before winter’s last call

So fast that I can hear the yellow of daffodils

As they break the soil for a push toward the Sun

An early call to rise and give bloom


There is a softness to this morning time

As the world wakes to carry the day on ward

When darkness feels the tug of light rise 

And Light urges the darkness away for the day


Between the world of night and day

Held in one exact moment before night surrenders

And day becomes a time for busy and noise

A delicious moment savored in two breaths


On this Solstice eve I will celebrate the

Same moment when day gives herself 

To night’’s come hither whisper for quiet

And the still light finds her rise on the other side


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