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The first full day of Spring.. Big yippee.  The Equinox ritual last night was beautiful.  I feel the pulse of it still beating in my body;  the chants, the music, the inspirational words.  I let it  sway through my body, giving myself to the moment.  Breathing in the moment.  The Spring of life.  The planting of metaphorical seeds into my fertile creative being.  Imagining them nestled into my earth, being pulled by the Sun and the seasons to find a place to rise, green, bud, and bloom.   Imagining the Planet and humanity planting the seeds of kindness and compassion that have the opportunity to bloom for all to witness and feel.  What seeds do you plant in the Spring of life?  What would you like to bloom?  How would you like to bloom?




Seed your soul for bloom

Feed your Earth Sun, Moon and rain

Make heart a bouquet 


Make fragrant your day

Be a meadow of sweet grass

Make love to the Earth   


Spring into Life’s Song

Inhale  the green rise to bloom

Live like you mean it


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