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Give in to the busy mind

Let it have a go at you

It’s the grab onto a thought 

That disrupts that mad flow


Spirals the circle pattern

Down into the rough gravel

And you skin your knee brain

Wondering why the clumsy


You get clumsy when you halt

It’s a brain pile up on the roadway

When you’re bound to the mind-way

Expect the crash that stops the flow


Unless of course it’s the perfect hit

The speed bump flung you and yours

On to a mountain of paint chips

A trombone, banjo, and Edgar Allen Poe


What could you do but busy up 

Wipe up that blooded knee brain

And play us all a song in perfect colour

lyrically cawing for the ever never more 


You can see how simple it all can be

Letting go, giving in, hump bumpin’

Along that mind-way highway

Going with the flow and then not


Have fun and be nice


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