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Good morning people… sippy the coffee.  Smell the world.


Lost in the morning rise serenade

Of bird song and the smell of damp earth

lilting through the opening windows 

Teases at my bare legs in a cool shiver

Squirrels squirreling around in mad scamp

Sending the cat on a wild spree window to window

Desperate and hopeful for a beheading


Spring rising with no winter betrayal

LIcking the air in a  wave of green and bloom

Unseasonal temperatures caress the skin

Calling out for early blossom arrivals

And the tempt to garden sooner than later

It’s only March and betrayal will come

Frost will have one more go on your blooms


Convertibles ride down the main drag and

Bicyclists hug the margins with intention

Joggers take their neighborhoods block by block

Dogs walk their people with nose to grass

Butts get sniffed, neighbors connect,

Talk is about global warming and weather weirdness

And gee I sure hope this doesn’t mean a hot summer

But damn it sure is nice this a.m. so enjoy it neighbor









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