Sippy the coffee… 30 days in.  A month of not quite feeling the burn of the hot desert sand.  Just a little singe here and there.  Mostly, boiling of my deep sea.  How can I even explain that?  Probably not.


Waiting for explanation may never come

Somethings don’t have reasonable attached

They may always find a rhyme to make work

The ego wants a damn answer be sure of that


Rational gives a mad giggle to your trying

Her ability to play hide n’ seek remarkable

Can’t expect much from her when she never knew

How could she when there was never a place for her


If that makes you irrational, unreasonable

As your mind suffers in the yearning

Be the good story teller that you have always been

Make the best of it to quell the question’s want


Make it up as you go a long you always have

The unexplainable will never cease to exist

Your damned it you do and damed if you don’t

Be as unreasonable as you want everyone else is


Living is like that, breathing will do that to you

Love and hate, violence and peace, pain and pleasure

All in the same deck of cards a random deal

If you believe in random acts of anything


The mind wants an answer, it just does

It will run you in circles like a rat in a trap

Give it the good answer, tell it a good story

Do what ya gotta do before it starts to eat it’s paws


There is no reasonable reason to bleed to death

In the unexplainable explanation of things

When a perfectly lovely story waits for your telling

And your mind is a happy camper

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One response to “THE MIND WANTS A STORY

  1. Linda C

    The act of creativity comes from the cosmic consciousness. Offering it’s story to the mind, which is more based in the material, provides comfort and connection. The interplay between the two is the dance of life. Thank you for the story here that reminds me of all this.


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