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Burrrrrr… Sippy the hot coffee. This is what Spring is suppose to be.  I’m good with that.  Hoping the damage to the early blooms is minimal. Nature had her ‘Fool ya’ hat on like nearly 5 weeks early.  It sure has been pretty.  And…the Sun is rising in another blue sky.

I’m not so sure on the 32cd day of my ‘pilgrimage’ within me and around me, how successful I’ve been.  And perhaps that has nothing to do with it.  Actually, I’m pretty sure that I might as well give that thought right up.  Going with changes and flow in the Be Here Now, and you do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around… That’s what it’s ALL about.   I think there’s a song coming on…   oh my…


I put all my appendages in one at a time

At last flinging my entirety into the center

I shook and shimmied accordingly

Turned in circles, hands to the heavens

Making declaration to the All About

Cause it seems like that’s what it’s all about

I tried to not have expectation in the don’t assume

Letting the glow of praise fill me up

In the rapid heart beat of the turning all about


I use to think it might be ‘42’ and maybe it is

If you take the galactic ride across the universe

Thumb extended hitchin’ a ride with some alien yahoo

Orbiting galaxy after galaxy around and around

Certainly it is going around about the All About

Taking the long way from here to there and back

We’re still circling either way to find The Way.

All appendages accounted for attached to the body


The wagon-train of finding yourself is on the move

One way or The Other Way of your choosing.  

Circle up people, cause we’re gonna do a little dance

We never had to protect you from the Indians

Or the desert sands, or them rattlers and scorpions

Nope, it was your fear that was the renegade

Your fear that stole you away from peace-full

Fear circled you and you lost the All About

I’m here to tell you to ‘Turn yourself around’


Put your whole self in and shake the fear right off

Raise your hands to the heavens alleluia all about

Shimmy shake to face your neighbor

See the love and and Light within their eyes

That’s what it’s All About












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