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aaaah well… The path to knowing the self more deeply does not rule out those times when you have to just go and get your parts and body checked out for the ‘just-in-case’ of life’s unexpected.  This is one of those mornings.  Let me just call it out like it is.. Titsmashin’  huh huh.  you got it.  Walks into the soul’s deep places requires self care and info.


It’s not like we want to 

us of swaying breasts

Needing a tit smash to find 

if things our outta place

For those that might wonder, 

like you boys out there

We strip down to naked 

lay each breast down for a cold stare

All vulnerable and exposed

We lay our tits down

Cause who wants breast cancer

to be the thing that takes us down


From the caring indifference

of a nurse doing their job

Lifting each tit up one at a time 

On to a cold metal slab 

They position that tit just right 

flopping it around for the whap

Here comes the lowering for the smash

Trying to flatten you tit with that crash


Then they zap with radiation

Take a picture just right

Hoping to capture a view 

of your titties internal strife

It happens in minutes

Thank god for that

Here’s hoping that picture

Makes my tits look fab



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