Today begins National Poetry Writers Month.  Or as we like to call it…NaPoWriMo.  A poem everyday.  I started my poetry journey with this day a year ago.  It has been an entire year that I have written a poem Every day for 366 days.  (leap year ya know)  I find it amazing that I have actually done this and…that I’m going on with it.  This is not so much a new beginning as it is an on going investment in my writing poetry.  I plan to gather some of my poems from this year and make a book.  I will keep you updated.  For those of you that have taken this journey with me, if you have a favorite, please let me know so that I might include it.  And… THANK YOU  so very much for following this poets journey.  I dedicate all my foolishness to you as I continue to ‘jump in’ everyday to this Fool’s love of life.  Namaste’

How about this fool? 

The Fool doesn’t need to know

She doesn’t need to know where to go

What ledges to teeter on or abyss

To fling out into for the free fall

All edges are fair jumping from

Jumping from or into, or out to

The vast possibilities of the unknown

Waiting to get known with a leap

Giving trust because why not


Hard to discern the Fate of it

That leap, that jump, that free for all

at the edge of just over there or

right where you are right now

In the wonder of what to do next

You know what to do next you always did

Life is a gamble, a bet, a chance, a risk

It’s an engagement with love fearlessly

It’s a trust in what you think you know


Grabbing at the air with an inhale

Quivering on the edge of a heart beat

A rush of blood to your surfaces

Silken soft is the hard steel of living

What better risk than to give it all

That’s right Give It All to the leap, the jump

Give it to the trust that where you land

Is exactly where you’re suppose to be

There is no time, so there is no limit


Then jump again cause it’s what 

You’ve been doing all along

Don’t think you haven’t, 

That’s one way to be fooled

Choose your abyss before it chooses you

Edge your way to Loves opening

Bring all your nothing to be

Everything and damn it…JUMP







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