Sippy the coffee.  It’s raining and the Sun is pushing at the clouds giving this other worldly glow  simultaneously.  It makes the sky feel eerie to me.  In a way that I kinda like.  

Todays NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a Epithalamium.  Well.. I never heard of such a poem  before, till a few minutes ago.  It is a poem specifically written for a bride. It has no particular style or rhythm, nor number of lines.  How about that?  Something comes up immediately for me.  So, I will take on this prompt this morning and dedicate this one to my sister in-law Linda, my brothers bride for 46 years, as she holds the space for my brother,who is making his way to his last breath as I write.


She waits held to the steady rhythm 

of decades pulse to these final days

The gather of her children’s chatter

Making normal deaths final phase


Her blush has faded over the years

Little holds that once virgin’s glow

Better yet have all the years been

Deepening loves heart felt flow


This bride that holds a thousand years

Till death do you part she holds the space

Remembrance of her glowing days

So much grief lays on her face


A bride to be. A bride she was

A bride that holds his hand in love

As his days seep out his living

She gives her call to the heaven above


Bring my husband the rest he needs

Take him soon for his relief 

I’m his bride to his very end

Death will hold me to my grief


She waits held to the steady rhythm

Of decades pulse to his final breath

All her children come to gather

Is her husband time to rest



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