damn that cranky…

Mornin’… I’m not so crazy about the Poetry prompt today so I’ll prompt myself, which means… as usual, I have no idea what the hell will happen here in the next few.  And trust me, something will.

Like this…


the crank will wind you up all tight

a ball of impatience in histories lies


tuffs of fearful stink wrapped in 

self incriminating barbed wire


makes the roll around of it vicious

against the tender heart desire


the call to ridiculous means shit

the cranks wind is tightly barbed


It goes for all vulnerable surfaces

the mind is way past engagement


It started the whole thing after all

cause that’s what it does in the lowland


the crawl up and out to higher ground

pushes the roll and stink of it downhill


the smell of fresh and blue sky

sunny up the burn away of dis-ease


the reach isn’t all that far it never was

the crank can’t stand the goodness


so smother yourself in all that Light

get to that mountain top and roll


barbed wire was never really your color

and histories has lied to you every day


It’s damn nice out there right now

if you’re gonna ball up and roll


Be the Sun




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