I took a quick view of my poems from last April, mostly to see what I wrote on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of the month.  I cracked up when I saw that  I had written a poem on April 4th about being cranky and then I wrote one yesterday, the 5th, about being cranky.  Do you think there is a pattern here?  HA…

Maybe it’s an early April/Spring thing.  The crank doesn’t last long.  I’m re-sharing lasts years after I write this years daily gift to my poetry experience, cause I can…

Also.. last year, on the 6th of April, the prompt was called an ekphrastic poem.  That is writing a poem about A song, a painting, an historical monument,… something of significance that inspires the poem.


The card I’ve chosen is what inspires me this morning.




Transform the handle

of life


Clear the way to sea



Seal the deal a thousand 

petals at a time


Cross your hearts to live

a life worth living


Clarify the view beyond

the veil


Flourish in the intent

of communion


Know better yourself

because of others


This is the way home




4th april 2011

Ode to Cranky


The drift of it is snow                                                                           white and heavy.

Dense, wet, too deep

It makes the distance to

the feel good on the other

side of it.  

  over there.

    just over there.



You like to think you’re dressed

     for it

 Crank ready and fierce.

Plowing through the density of it’s

    hot chill.  

The dry ice of life sticks hard

Vulnerability leaves you open

   to feel it all.


Feel it you must, 

to know the other side.  

    to the just over there

where spring greens and the seeds

of you wait to bloom again.


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One response to “TWO OF SWORDS…

  1. Linda C

    Congratulations on your amazing creative accomplishment. Thank you for providing over a year of thoughtful, wild, and inspired reading!


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