Mornin’  sippy… sippy sippy the coffee.  Today’s prompt from the NaPoWriMo site is to choose a color and give it a poetic hit.  Reminds me immediately of Barbara Streisand’s … Color Book.  That feels all pathetic and dark black brownish.  My mother was addicted to listening to it when I was in high school.  That was a story I found out about years later.

And now… dadgumit, I can’t get that song outta my mind.  OK Babs, a new take on that old dark black brownish one of yours.  NOTE.. The original one follows my new and improved Coloring Book.  


 My crayon box has every color

A rainbow in every hue

I feel the call to use black 

to make room for the

Full bright Moon


A place to paint the celestial

To see the Milky Way

Imagine the many Galaxy

That whirl with planets

and stars each day


Spectacular is the midnight sky

A carpet glittered with Infinite spark

Capturing the light of the Sun’s

last call as it rolls down the horizon

to night


My crayon box has every color

A rainbow in every hue

I choose to use black as night

To see the starlight shimmer

To bring Infinite you





Here is the Original…


For those who fancy coloring book

As certain people do

He’s a new one for you

A most unusual coloring book


The kind you never see

Crayons ready, very well

Begin to color me

These are the eyes that watched him


As he walked away

Color them gray

This is the heart that thought

He would always be true


Color it blue

These are the arms that held him

And touched him then lost him somehow

Color them empty now


These are the beads I wore

Until she came between

Color them green

This is the room I sleep in


And walk in and weep in

Hiding that nobody sees

Color it lonely, please

This is the man


The one I depended upon

Color him gone 

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One response to “BLACK AS NIGHT

  1. Linda C

    Better to contemplate the potential of night sky, rather than focusing on the one(s) sigh, that got away!


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