Morning… happy Easter to those of you that celebrate it.  Happy spring day for those that simply wish to inhale the beauty.

The prompt today is about taking a walk and feeling the outside within… 




Spring fever hits hard

rolls into to me early 


Pushing up and out the

cold earth for the awakening


With wonder and hunger

feeling the rapid pulse of life 


Ready to burst outta me 

with desires thrust ageless


In the giving of a restless 

season that must have her way


Spring green is fillin’ me up

building from the outside in


Every inhale of every step

A carpet of soft green lays itself 


Within my meadow  hopeful 

All tender, fresh, perky and expectant


The want and longing holds me

Youth fills me in the moment


I expect to bloom from the inside out

Waiting is long past gone


Even in the winter of my years

I will alway give myself to Spring



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