mornin’… 9th day of the NaPoWriMo.  The prompt is a bit irresistible.   Write from the voice of a famous, or mythic character.  That gives a broad brush for wording.  And when I read it a character immediately rushed into my consciousness.  So.. I must




Mother just doesn’t get it

So busy making the earth right

Nurturing and gathering

Preparing for winter white


She thinks that all the petals

That bloom from my every step

Mean something special

That the right Love will find me


Only,  when I hear your call

The rough rasp of that deep voice

Vibrating beneath the very earth

That blooms with my every step 


I quiver with longing and desire

I find where the earth yawns wide

And the heat whispers ‘come to me’.

I slide into that open mouth 


Into the heart and soul of Hades

Where my mother voice de-solves

Into the lava melt song of you my love

Where Hell holds me in your embrace


It is my season of love and lust

My giving to the fire of earth

The seed of me planted deep

For resurrection to my Spring 


When my beloved, I must part from 

your dark home of heat and fire

And my feet make way to the surface

To flower a path across the Earth


I lay my ear to the dark earth listening

For the soft words of your love, the beg of you 

calling me back to your fiery want

I quiver for  autumns return


To fall again into the arms of your love






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