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Honor the bitter brew… & sippy the coffee

Sippy the coffee… I wave my hand to the heavens in gratitude for this dark bitter brew.  Today’s NaPoWriMo, prompt suggests to dive into the senses.  Smell it, taste it, feel it, see it, hear it… A multi-sensorial experience.

So… in honor of the bitter brew.




Beans dark like fertile earth

Hard roasted till the seep of oil

Declares there readiness

And their crisp shell mets the blade


They tap together in the pour

a chant to morning awakening

Whirs the first explosion of crunch

And the waft of bitter dirt expands


A fragrant want slides in my brain

My tongue remembers all my mornings

A slight thrill shivers through me

As I lay the dark grind in the filter


Exactitude is no measure for me

Spooning as much as seems right

Watching the water level rise 

Pushing the button that incites the brew


There is no room in the house that

eludes the gurgle and bubble 

Longing for the first sip

I pull the pot with the last spit of it


Snaps hot at my impatience 

Lays one quick sear on my hand

I pour the black bitter brew 

Let the haze of steam rise up


It clouds my vision for one moment

While I bring it to my lips

Feel the burn of it on my tongue

Let the dark earth of it fill me up


With the morning race of my heart beat

down to my toes and finger tips

I am grounded in the morning

Rising to the alert of the day





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