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Morning.. thanks to all of you that read and shared my yesterday.    Stuff rolls around and in and out and through… we don’t git outta here alive, is one of those whispered phrases that lines life’s inner edges as the geezerin’ takes hold, and your people start leaving the earth plane.  I like seeing the sun rise today.

Todays prompt from those NaPoWriMo peeps is to write a ‘ghazel’.  I know… whatz that?  It’s an old Persian form that I’m not going to try and explain cause I’m just gonna try and write one right now and see if you get it.  And then maybe I’ll get it.



I couldn’t be happier to fill my body up with breathin’

Staring at the Sun rise inspires my breathin’


It’s said there’s no gittin’ outta here alive

Time will come when there will be no breathin’


I cherish those deep inhales that keep me livin’

Can’t be worried about when there is no more breathin’


Only mortality slaps the life right outta ya

When loved ones meet the fate of no more breathin’


The rush of what might be if sickness fills ya

The immanent knowing that there will be no breathin’


Death is a stalker for life in the taking

Sooner or later it will take your breathin’


Live it up real good while you have it

Fill up on some goodness while your still breathin’


Now is all you ever have in your breathin’

Live the life you cherish with each breathe 


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